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About The School

THS Mission Statement
The mission of Tazewell High School is to provide a strong foundation for life-long learning through a challenging and relevant curriculum which fosters the development of responsible, knowledgeable, cooperative, independent, and effective citizens.
We Believe:
Learning is a life-long process.
Students, as well as teachers, are responsible for the students' education.
Students are accountable for their actions.
Students can set realistic goals with appropriate guidance.
Students can learn with appropriate instruction, motivation, and placement.
A challenging and relevant curriculum promotes student achievement.
Dedication and cooperation of students, teachers, administrators, parents, and the community can lead to the development of responsible citizens.
A safe, orderly learning environment leads to educational success.
A positive school atmosphere is created by respect for one another.
About The School

 Tazewell High School's mascot was created by the first football coach, Homes "Pard" Byrd, in 1926. His favorite football team was the Georgia Bulldogs, so he decided to name his team the Bulldogs. When the local newspapers began writing articles on the boys, they referred to them as the Bull Dogs. Later, the words were combined to create "Bulldogs". Throughout the years the
"bulldogs" also formed other nicknames like the "Dawgs" and the "Bulldawgs."
In 1926 the school colors were purple and gold because the uniforms were donated. In 1929, maroon and white uniforms were given to the team. Finally in 1930, the team was able to purchase their own green and white uniforms. The colors green and white were chosen by the team members themselves. To this day the Bulldogs, both young and old, still wear green and white to show their pride.
Alma Mater
The Tazewell High School Alma Mater is one of our most unique and cherished traditions. Among our nation's high schools, it is unusual in today's time for a school actually to have a "hymn of praise," and far less common that the Alma Mater is unique to that school alone.
In 1952-53 a contest wash held at Tazewell High for the writing of the lyrics that could be used in an Alma Mater, a song to express love and appreciation for one's school. Phyllis Eanes Fisher, a student at that time, won the contest with the words now familiar to all Tazewell High alumni. Her words were set to music by Velma Hankla, beloved music teacher, and in 1968 was set to an arrangement by Bea Leist. Beginning in 1968, the T.H.S. choral director promoted and traditionalized the Alma Mater. Succeeding choral directors have continued the tradition so that each new generation will also have the opportunity to hear and to love Tazewell's "own" Alma Mater.
Alma Mater
Where mountains stand so boldly
Where skies are always bright
Our Alma Mater lifts her head
And sings her strength and might
We lift our eyes unto the hills
That shelter Tazewell High
They give us strength to love and serve
The school whose fame we cry
Oh Tazewell High, we love thee
Our Alma Mater dear
For you we stand and sing our song
Of praise for all to hear
We love thee, Tazewell High School,
Your light forever shines
It shines to guide and keep me near
That dear old school of mine
THS Fight Song
 Our school fight song has traditionally been sung at nearly all of our athletic events and pep rallies. The song inspires us to be our best in the face of any opponent!
It's Tazewell High School,
it's Tazewell High School,
The pride of every student here,
Come on old grads, come join us young lads,
It's Tazewell High School now we cheer,
And now it's time boys, to make a big noise,
No matter what the people say,
There's none to fear, the gang's all here,
so hail Tazewell High School hail!
The Seal
During the 1944-45 year, the school held a contest for the designing of an emblem, or seal, to represent Tazewell High  School. One of the top-ranking members of the senior class, Mary Jane Floyd, submitted the winning design.
When the school's first yearbook was published in the spring of 1945, the new school seal appeared on its title page. The seal has remained unchanged since its creation, and appears in almost every publication of Tazewell High, as well as on the letterhead of official school correspondence. A painting of the seal hangs prominently in the front foyer. At each year's spring Awards Assembly, the final event is the transferring of the school seal from officers of the graduating class to officers of the junior class. The presentation is effectively dramatized by the use of hand-held objects which replicate the items found in the seal.
The symbolism of the seal is multi-faceted with each element having significance. In the middle of the seal is a large mountain, symbolizing The Peak. This prominent Tazewell zenith represents power, strength, and beauty, which rises above the commonplace. Four stars represent a student's four years at T.H.S. as well as the four elements of student life: scholarship, athletics, citizenship, and activities. A candle standing for the light of wisdom stands upon a book which signifies learning and knowledge. Surrounding the seal is a laurel wreath, an ancient symbol of honor. Within the seal is the motto: "I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills," taken from Psalm 121, and drawing our attention once again to the beauty and inspiration of Tazewell's mountain surroundings.
The school seal is unique to Tazewell High School, and has been maintained and honored through the years with its symbolism appropriate to guide THS and its students into a meaningful tomorrow.
The Rock
Every year, the THS senior class paints "The Rock." "The Rock" is located beside the school's tennis courts. Each year the seniors choose two or three main colors to represent their class on the rock. The seniors then spend one day painting the background of the rock one color, and the next painting their year of graduation and names on it. This is kept on the rock until the next year's senior class repeats the tradition.
The Peak
Every year, numerous Tazewell High students climb to the summit of an impressive mountain. This mountain is our heritage;  it is "our peak." Upon reaching the top, climbers can behold a breath-taking visage of our entire town and surrounding rural areas in the county.
Since the establishment of THS in 1952, students have taken an annual climb to the Peak. It is because of these yearly "pilgrimages" that the students have formed such a close bond with our mountain. Befittingly, our year-book is titled, "The Peak," in commemoration of the memories shared throughout the high school years - both attending school and at the Peak. Because of our close ties with "Our Peak," students will continue to cherish it as part of their memory of THS.